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Decorating Your Home on a Budget

Most of the time it is hard to get inspired. We get in a funk and have a hard time visually planning what our dream home should look like. That’s why we all need inspiration for decorating. But, making time to look for what appeals to our interests, or is eye-catching, isn’t always the trick when it comes to decorating our home. 

I bet you have the same issues that most homeowners do when it comes to creating a more functional way of living. There is always the constant battle of where to get the right kind of inspiration. 

Of course, there is always Pinterest. It has an overabundance of inspiring, aesthetic photos of beautifully decorated rooms and organized living space. Oh, how amazing it would be if MY home could be that wonderfully laid out. 

But, as much as we want our homes to look “Pinterest Perfect” we have to face reality and try to make it work with what we already have.

For most, it isn’t easy to throw everything out and redecorate. I know most budgets don’t allow homeowners to redecorate hardly ever. Even though most crave the beautiful kitchen or family room, there is a way to stay inspired and keep pushing towards your end goal without starting from scratch.

Instead of pushing the budget or taking out a line of credit so you can have those awesome sofas you want, wait…take a step back. Little touches over time can go a long way.

Shop your home!

This is usually the first step in decorating your own home. Look around your home and see if you can repurpose furniture, or if you have some accessories that you can use in a different place or for a different purpose. Use books as décor accents, recover throw pillows, switch up your lampshades. The options are endless! 


Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint. Paint old chairs, dressers, cupboards, mantels, or even a wall. This s a super affordable way to get a big update and get inspired.


Pieces of art always tend to be very expensive. So, try saving money by creating your own pieces! Simply picking out a favorite frame and printing out your favorite design can create a perfect art piece for any room. 
Thrift Shop!

There is no shame in your game when finding what treasures you can find at your local thrift store. Sometimes you can score with great pieces that are perfect just the way they are, and sometimes you need to get a little creative with what you find! Either way, thrift shopping can be a great way to find pieces you wouldn’t normally see in stores. 

By completely some simple steps, homeowners can collect, create, or recover pieces to create their very own “Pinterest Perfect” home. 

And, remember, it is a process. It will all eventually come together as long as you keep an optimistic attitude. 

“Focus on Improvement, Not Perfection”

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